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Coronavirus updates

Today our italian passion is stronger than ever. We are aware of the number of disgnosed Coronavirus cases in Italy, as well as in other countries. Confindustria Bergamo, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Bergamo, is reviewing continuously all the risks and supports the companies in our territory when needed, ensuring the…

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New ROTRON in 5400mm working-width

Our latest system demonstrates our commitment towards sustainability and the 4.0 industry innovations. The new Rotron machine in 5400 mm working-width is totally automatic, eco-friendly, integrated with ERP Buyer and technology advanced. Designing with 3D software, we have developed a complete integrated system that covers all the following stages; reducing labour time, costs and logistic…

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4.0 Sustainability

Since 2010, PLM Impianti has developed a 100% Sustainable process within its production. From the designing to the machine set up, everything is meant to suit both productive and environment objectives. Some of our key points: Km 0 production • Sustainable design • Less consumptions and waste •Certified energy performances • Remote assistance Km 0…

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