Technical fabric

Inspection, trimming, cutting and winding

Inspection, trimming, cutting and winding machines for technical fabric. Our ROTRON machines are suitable to handle any technical fabric, such as laminated or coated fabric, automotive interior, screens, PVC, paper industry, nonwoven, geotextile, leatherette, aramidic and hybrid fabric.

Variable roll diameter

Uniform and accurate inspection

Tensionless system

Thanks to loading cells and laser sensors

Selvedge alignment

an accurate measuring thanks to the machine synchronism

Certified measurement

with a margin of error between 0.1 ÷ 0.3%

Our solutions

rifilo tessuto tecnico
ispezione tessuto tecnico
taglio tessuto tecnico


Our solutions are equipped with proper systems, such as loading cells and laser sensors


Inspection machines suitable for technical fabric with variable thickness from 0,3 to 20mm


Automatic or manual cutting for any kind of technical fabric and small rolls winding

Line for inspection, trimming, cutting and winding

technical fabric

The MH-AK line consists of ROTRON MH inspection and trimming machines placed in line with ROTRON AK automatic cutting and packing modules. The in-line installation of the machines allows to have a continuous process that includes the following steps:

  • Inspection and quality control of the fabric
  • Trimming, cutting and small rolls winding
  • Fabric sampling with relative labelling
  • Complete packing or with polyethylene bands

Cutting and packing for technical fabric up to 5400 m

  • Productivity up to 6000m/h
  • Working speed up to 300m/min
  • First quality increase up to +2%
  • Packing up to 4 rolls/min