Denim machinery

Inspection, cutting and packing

Denim machinery since the 60s. PLM Impianti has been designing and building inspection, cutting and packing solutions according to the denim industry sustainability objectives.
We have been working on technology and innovation to increase our systems efficiency and: minimize the waste of sustainably produced materials.

– 20/50%

+0,8% a 1,5%
first quality cuts

packing materials

imballo denim

Quality control

Automatic or manual inspection integrated with batch to batch optimization. The Batch to batch inspection allows the scan and rewind of the fabric after generating a complete mapping of the identified defects.

Automatic cutting

Manual or automatic cutting with optimization. The cutting plan is developed according to the file generated during the inspection phase and the customer’s cutting standard


Complete or partial roll packaging. The packaging process can take place in line with the cutting machine for a continuous production process with less manpower.

Cutting plan optimization for denim fabric

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable denim shouldn’t be wasted. This system reduces waste from non-efficient process

Denim inspection

Manual or automatic inspection integrated with optimization

Automatic cutting

Cutting plan optimization and second-choice reduction


Full or partial roll packaging, in line with the cutting process

denim machinery
  • Uniform and accurate inspection with a margin of error between 0.1 ÷0.3%
  • Tensionless inspection and perfect alignment of the selvedge
  • Reduction of second choice cuts
  • Automation of labelling, weighing and real time production management
  • Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable PE
  • Automatic polyethylene width change